Core Technologies


Linear Motor Driven Valve

Plunger & Linear Motor Technology

  • Super high response time
  • Fastest injection acceleration & deceleration
  • Lightweight plunger design
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High Speed & Pressure Injection / Injection Compression?System

Push the Limit with Thin Wall Applications

  • Up to 1,500 mm/sec (59”/sec) speed
  • Up to 343 MPa (49,750 psi) pressure
  • 21.8 G acceleration
  • 0 to 650 ton clamping force in 200ms
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Micro Molding Options

Small Shot Size from 2.0cc (0.07oz)

  • High dosing accuracy combined with an ultra-repeatable process
  • Quick response in injection acceleration?& deceleration
  • Accepts standard size pellets
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Hybrid Machine

Best Drive Mechanism for Accuracy

  • Linear motor for high response
  • ACC assisted hydraulic for high power
  • AC servo motor for mold positioning
  • Hydraulic for pressure retention
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Easy-to-Use Control System

User Friendly Page Construction

  • Windows-based interface
  • Special precision control functions
  • Easy maintenance navigation & troubleshooting
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Perfect Shots Every Time

Optimum Injection Unit Size

  • High temperature heaters – standard
  • Wear resistant screw and barrel – standard
  • Optional large clamp with small injection
  • Optional bigger screw with smaller plunger
  • Shot usage from 10% of total shot or less
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LSR-Silicone Molding

Designed for Critical Operations

  • Flashless molding with plunger injection
  • Super low speed & pressure injection
  • Exact dosing system – repeatable process
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Vertical?Injection with?Rotary?Table

180o Oscillating Rotary Table

  • Available from 3 ton to 150 ton
  • High yield insert molding
  • Lower table height – ergonomic design

Vertical Injection with?Single?Station

Reel-to-Reel Molding Ready

  • Available from 20 ton to 75 ton
  • High yield insert molding
  • Counter balanced clamping mechanism

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