The Sodick V-LINE Two-Stage Plunger system has various benefits.

First, the V-LINE system offers long-term repeatability. Closed loop molding provides improved process stabilization through improved part weight consistency (measured through standard deviation). Second, the V-LINE system reduces maintenance costs. The minor axial movement of the plasticizing screw reduces abrasion wear for up to 10 to 20 times increased life of the screw and barrel components compared to conventional reciprocating screw systems. Plus the V-LINE system has eliminated the tip assembly from its system, thus eliminating the cost for replacement assemblies. Third, the V-LINE system improves black specs, contamination and gasification. The design of the plasticizing unit provides an extremely uniform melt condition while eliminating material backflow or degradation for reduced contamination and gasification in molded parts. Finally, the V-LINE system allows the ability to duplicate mold processing setup parameters with multiple machines or locations with minor machine differences due to pre-dosing before the injection phase.

  • Vast experiences using high performance polymers such as PPS, PEI, PEEK and LCP
  • Reduction of outgas – less contamination and minimized mold cleaning cycles
  • Wear resistant components – reduced maintenance costs
  • Outstanding performance for sensitive insert molding processes
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