Sodick is a global provider of precision plastic injection molding machines for a variety of industries that require the utmost precision and accuracy as well as advanced repeatability.


A repeatable process on tight tolerance applications is critical for the medical molder. The melt stream for V-LINE system molded parts is much cleaner than that of other machines and can be measured through standard deviation.

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The V-LINE Tow-Stage Plunger System provides numerous benefits to the automotive part supplier, including reduced maintenance costs of perishable items, reduced outgas, and ability to process high performance materials such as PPS, PEEK and LCP.

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With the elimination of the check ring in the V-LINE system design, there is no pressure spike at the start of the injection phase to close the check ring, which is integral for the connector or insert mold industry.

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By employing an extrusion grade screw as well as the elimination of the check ring in the V-LINE system design, the compression of the melt occurs over many flights; a vital benefit for the optical molder.

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