Sodick Injection Molding Machines has had a North American presence for over ten years in a variety of capacities. Plustech Inc., formed in September 2004, is the North American headquarters for Sodick Co. based out of Schaumburg, IL. Plustech is committed to supporting our production machines in the field, as we understand the highly demanding injection molding manufacturing industry. With requirements to increase up-time and reduce down-time, we are committed to help our customers remain profitable and achieve a competitive edge through productivity.

Please contact us for any of the following:

  • Molding machine proposal
  • Technical support
  • Molding trails to evaluate our capabilities
  • Optimum process development/consulting
  • Preventative maintenance program (PM)
  • Calibration services
  • In-depth training classes – Operations/Maintenance

Contact Information

Service: 847-490-8130 ext. 5 or?[email protected]

Parts: 847-490-8130 ext. 4 or?[email protected]

Sales: 847-490-8130 ext. 1037 or fill out the form below:


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