Insert Molding

Leading the way to precision vertical injection for the challenging insert molding industry

There is an increasing demand of insert Molding applications in Medical, Electronics, and automotive. Among these emerging applications, there are much higher demands in tolerance control, thin-wall design, and advanced polymer process capability. Sodick vertical injection molding machines provide a precision needs of insert molding applications.

Why Insert Molding


    Labor costs and assembly time are reduced by over molding numerous components as one piece


    Eliminates fasteners and connectors by using resin to bond discrete components


    Insert molding allows highly customized geometry and configurations


    Prevents assembly problems by controlling the assembly process

Sodick Vertical Injection Molding Machine Features

  • Ultra-Precision Repeatability

    Rejected parts dramatically reduced due to the superior stable molding process of our exact dosing system.

  • Advanced Polymers and GF Polymers Process

    Although common to use high performance polymers and glass fille fill materials for insert molding applications, Sodick injection units are highly durable due to the component selection and inherent mechanism design.

  • Effective Decompression Technique

    Material “drooling” is often observed in vertical injection settings. However, the Sodick V-LINE injection system is designed like a hypodermic syringe. The decompression of the lightweight plunger after metering prevents material drooling without the use of a shut-off nozzle.

  • Precision Clamping Mechanism

    A truly hybrid direct clamping mechanism provides precision mold open/close positioning and superior mold protection.

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