The ultra precise, repeatable molding process offered by Sodick’s premier injection technology allows us provide solutions for specific precision applications that require the utmost accuracy.

Thermoplastic Molding

The superior injection capability of the injection plunger offers the separation of plasticizing and injection functions, providing extremely uniform melt conditions while eliminating material backflow or degradation. The benefits of this system are typically seen in high temperature, reinforced and additive filled engineering of advanced thermoplastics.

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Micro Molding

In micro molding applications or any tight tolerance applications, shot-to-shot consistency is critical. The exact dosing system by Sodick meets all major requirements needed for micro molding applications: dosing accuracy, small shot size barrels, high speed/high pressure injection, quick response and high precision clamping.

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Insert Molding

With the increased demand to reduce part size, weight and assembly costs, all while maintaining reliability and design flexibility, comes the increased demand for insert molding. Sodick offers ultra-precision insert molding machines for improved production yields via our stable molding process, taking care not to damage value added insert items.

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LSR-Silicone Molding

Sodick offers a dedicated design for LSR molding machines with the V-LINE Plunger LSR Series. Through the experience with ultra-precision thermoplastic injection molding machines, the LSR Series machine provides dosing accuracy and super low-speed/ low-pressure injections to perform any precision LSR molding operation.

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